Care offer and rates

Midwifery care is always fully reimbursed by your health insurer. Midwifery care means your pregnancy check-ups, childbirth, and maternity care. This also includes ultrasounds with a medical indication and counseling about prenatal tests. Gender reveal ultrasounds and 3D ultrasounds are for your own expense. And if you want an extra ultrasound, without a medical indication is also for your own expense. In addition, we offer information and courses, here you see an overview of the costs.

  • Gender reveal ultrasound (from 15 weeks): €30
  • 3D/4D ultrasound (including pictures and USB): €75
  • Growth ultrasound: €40
  • Information course breastfeeding: €20 (per couple)
  • Slingwearing workshop: €30 (per person)
  • Slingwearing workshop individually: €45 (per person)
  • Pregnancy yoga (in Dutch): €14,50 (per lesson)