Complaints procedure

It is important that you feel comfortable with your midwife. We as a practice want to provide the best care for our clients. Hereby we do our utmost to make the contact professional and pleasant. It can nevertheless happen that you are dissatisfied or that you have a complaint.

Discuss your dissatisfaction or complaint with us

You can of course also contact us if you have complaints about care or guidance. Tell us what’s bothering you. We are happy to take the time to talk to you. If you do not like to discuss the complaint with the relevant midwife, you can always make an appointment with the other midwife. If you find it exciting then you can take a person with whom you feel comfortable.

Call in our complaints officer

If you are unable to work it out with us or if you want help with submitting a complaint, you can contact the complaints officer of the CBKZ (Central Complaints Management in Healthcare). The complaints officers are impartial. They discuss with you what you are dissatisfied with and what you would like to achieve with your complaint. They advise you on what you can do. They also help you start a conversation with us if you find that difficult. Or to write a letter about the complaint. The complaints officer can help you and us to find a solution together. Everything you tell the complaints officer is confidential. The external complaints officer of the CBKZ can be reached by telephone from Monday to Friday via 088-0245123. You can also send an email to For more information look at this link.