Preconception consultation

Do you wish to get pregnant? Then sign up for the preconception consultation hour! The health of the expectant mother and father is very important. A threat to this or early in the pregnancy can have a major impact on your pregnancy and on your child’s development. Consider, for example, medication use or an unhealthy nutritional status and many other risk factors. A healthy pregnancy, a healthy mother and a healthy child is ultimately our goal. That is why we want to have a preconceptional consultation with you and your partner about your health. We discuss your lifestyle, your diet, your menstrual cycle and we will provide you with tips and advice on vitamins. It is also possible to remove your IUD (intra uterine device) or Implanon (hormonal device in your arm). The preconception consultation will be done by midwife Sabrina.

Most insurers reimburse a preconception consultation and the removal of a IUD or Implanon. You can always check this yourself by calling your insurence. If this is not or only partially reimbursed, we will apply a standard rate for the preconception consultation and/or the removal of an IUD/Implanon. The rates can be found under care offerings and rate.