Ultrasound scan

How nice is it to see your child for the first time, to see and hear the heart beating for the first time and to see how your child moves?! We find this an enrichment of our profession and therefore have an extensive package of different echoes. There are standard echoes in pregnancy which are reimbursed by the insurance and non medical echoes (for fun, for example a gender reveal) which you have to pay yourself. We can make 2D and 3D echoes and give you pictures. With the 3D echoes you get a USB stick with the pictures and a movie, so that you can still admire your child at home.

Vitality ultrasound

During pregnancy, there are various times when we want to measure and view your child. The first time you visit our practice (at around 7 to 8 weeks) we find it important to see that the embryo is in the womb if it is only one embryo and that the heart is beating. This echo is not reimbursed by the insurance, but because we find this ultrasound very important, we do it for free. Important with this ultrasound is that you come with a full bladder. This often makes the imaging a lot better. Sometimes your child is still very small and it is difficult to visualize the child through the belly. Then an internal ultrasound is needed. This is always done in consultation and does not hurt. You get the first pictures for the scrapbook!

Term echo

During the second check we want to determine the time that you are pregnant (for approximately 11 weeks). Then you will receive a due date. With this ultrasound we measure the child from head to tailbone to see how big the child is and on that basis we determine the due date. This echo is reimbursed from the basic insurance and you do not have to pay it yourself. Also with this ultrasound it is again important that you come with a full bladder to improve the image quality. Sometimes it is necessary to look internally if the imaging through the abdomen is not optimal, or if the child is not in good position. We will of course do this again in consultation.

Gender echo

If you are curious about your child’s gender, it is possible to arrange a gender ultrasound at 15 weeks. This echo is not reimbursed by insurance and you must therefore pay for it yourself. The costs of this echo are € 35. During this ultrasound we will let you know what the gender is (or write it down on a note for a gender reveal) and we will make pictures of the face. You get prints to take home.

20 week ultrasound (structural ultrasound examination)

The 20-week ultrasound takes place between 18 and 21 weeks of the pregnancy. At the 20-week ultrasound (also called structural ultrasound examination) the child is viewed from head to toe to see if there are any abnormalities. Examples of this are: open back or open skull, but also clubfoot and heart defects. We look at the growth of the child, where the placenta is located and how much amniotic fluid you have. On the basis of the ultrasound it is determined whether further ultrasounds will be performed or whether a referral to the hospital is required. This echo lasts approximately 45 – 60 minutes. The midwife carrying out the ultrastound must be able to concentrate well. That is why we ask you not to take children under the age of 12 with you to this ultrasound.

Prior to this echo, you will be informed in detail (or counseled) because it is always your own choice whether you want this echo or not. This conversation is already conducted at the first check-up.

Echo for non-medical purposes (fun echo)

If you want to look at your child again, it is possible to schedule an echo. The best time for this is between 23 and 30 weeks. After this, the child often goes down into the pelvis and the face is not always as beautiful to portray. We can make 2D and 3D images and put these images on a USB stick so that you can view them at home. This ultrasound is not reimbursed by the insurance and is therefore at your own expense. A 2D echo costs € 50 and a 3D echo costs € 75.

Growth echo

Growth echoes are performed on indication. For example, if the 20-week ultrasound shows that your child is on the big or small side. In addition, we feel your belly with every check. If we doubt the position or size of the child, we will perform an ultrasound. These echoes are therefore reimbursed from the basic insurance and you do not have to pay a contribution for this. This ultrasound is performed at different times during the pregnancy. With this ultrasound we measure the size of the child. Depending on the ultrasound findings, the examination may be repeated. If there is no indication for a growth echo but you still want us to measure the growth of the child, this is possible at your own expense. This costs € 38.92 (in accordance with insurance prices).

Placental localization

If during the twenty-week ultrasound it appears that the placenta is low (near the cervix), an extra ultrasound is performed around 30 – 33 weeks to locate the placenta. The growth of the child is taken into account. If at this period it appears that the placenta is too close to the cervix, you will be referred to the hospital. This ultrasound is reimbursed from the basic insurance.

Amniotic fluid measurement

At the end of the pregnancy (between 40 and 41 weeks) we always measure the amount of amniotic fluid and we look at the condition of the placenta. Based on this and in consultation with you, we will see what the desired moment is for the child to be born (wait a little longer or arrange an introduction at the hospital). This echo is not reimbursed as standard from the insurance, but we find this echo very important and we will perform it free of charge.