We believe in the natural course of childbirth. Research has shown that due to continuous supervision the delivery proceeds more smoothly and less often has to be transferred to the gynaecologist. Because of this, we will stay with you and your partner from the active phase of childbirth. Naturally, we continuously monitor the health of you and your baby during childbirth and, if necessary, we will consult with you or refer you to the gynaecologist.

During your pregnancy checks we will spend extensive time discussing the birth. Around 35 weeks of pregnancy we would like to discuss your birthplan with you. If you would like it, we can plan this appointment at your home.

Tijdens de controles in je zwangerschap zullen we uitgebreid tijd besteden aan het bespreken van de bevalling. De controle waarbij we de bevalling bespreken zal (als jullie dit prettig vinden) tijdens een huisbezoek plaatsvinden. Het is mogelijk om een geboorteplan te maken waarin jij en je partner beschrijven wat jullie wensen zijn ten aanzien van de bevalling.

The place where you want to give birth is the choice of you and your partner. You can choose to give birth at home or to give birth in a birth center or a hospital. Even if you opt for the birth center or a hospital, we will guide you during the delivery. The hospitals which we collaborate with and where you can give birth are the Vlietland Hospital in Schiedam, the Franciscus Gasthuis in Rotterdam or the Sophia Birth Center in the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam.

Call us in case

  • You have contractions every 3 minute that last for 60 seconds for an hour long (in case it is your first child).
  • You have contractions every 5 minutes for one hour that last for 60 seconds (in case it is not your first child).
  • You lose amniotic fluid. Please always first look at the color before you call.
  • You have blood loss (more than a menstruation). A few drops of blood is normal at the beginning of the delivery.
  • You have questions, worries or have any doubts about whether the delivery has started.

Are you less than 37 weeks pregnant and do you think your delivery has started? Then you should always call us immediately!